Internal cybersecurity awareness article. Links are not live, but originally went to documents on company intranet.

Call it The Curious Incident of the Dropped Data.

A pedestrian on a West London street noticed a USB drive dropped on the ground. When started up on a public library computer, it turned out to contain a treasure trove of Heathrow Airport security information, including  

The person who found the drive took it to The Mirror newspaper and the case was a scandal, ultimately resulting in a fine of £120,000 (nearly $160,000 US) for airport management, which is scrambling to implement safeguards.

A lot went wrong here. While our company doesn’t manage Elizabeth II’s travel arrangements, the case offers some good lessons for keeping our company and client data secure.

One important gap found at Heathrow was in its employees’ security training and awareness. So just by reading this article, you’re helping to improve our defenses! Other steps to take: 

And please, don’t pick up stray USB drives in the street!