Praise for Patricia Washburn

Praise for Patricia Washburn

Former supervisors say:

“Your hard work, expertise and sense of humor have made it a pleasure to work with you! I want to call out also your willingness to dig in to technical details, and ability to ride out the many changes this year with calm. Great teammates like you who are eager to help makes a difference in an environment of rapid growth. Bottom line: you’ve helped [our company] improve the technology experience of our clients in a direct and measurable way.”

“Have I mentioned lately how awesome you are? You completely blew me away this week with this thing. Making us look good to the new bosses was a good use of time for all of us.”

“Thank you so much for taking on the huge task of updating several ‘gnarly’ [documents]. Your efforts bring us closer to closing out the knowledgebase cleanup effort. You accomplished this a week ahead of schedule and continued to support other activities without interruption.”

“You should be proud of this edition of the newsletter. It hits the right tone and is engaging.”

“Pat is a valued member of the Information Security Team and continues to deliver superior content, including creating and delivering additional awareness training for client teams, most recently for the entire staff on the [CompanyName] account, one of the firm’s premier client engagements.”

“Pat has also expanded her role on our team to partnership with Global Compliance and Ethics Team members to coordinate and leverage content and use avenues of distribution through additional compliance and ethics channels company wide which increases the footprint and profile of information security at [Company].”

“Pat is a terrific person to work with – she is an experienced writer who has a degree in Information Security and is able to not only write technical documentation but is also able to translate complex security information into concise, easily-understandable info for a general employee population. Pat has a great sense of humor and works well in team environments.”

From an account director:

“One of my accounts has had significant issues with phishing attacks and client generated tests. Our team had a terrible track record and worked with [Pat] to create training for the account and client. In the quarter following the training we had no failures reported!”

From a very careful editor:

“I LOVE THIS EMAIL. No changes.”